Toddler Room

The toddler classroom caters to children 18-24 months of age. Teachers are trained to work with children in this classroom through certifications, workshops, seminars and on-site professional trainings. Weekly lesson plans are posted to showcase the activities and play based learning that children in this group acquire each day. Teachers also work with families to promote social skills, early reading, appropriate cognitive skills and sensory experiences.


Teachers consistently work with the same children to ensure the child is comfortable at drop off as well as during the day. Infant teachers have a 1:3 ratio and no more then 6 infants are allowed in a space. By having several full-time staff members, we give children the consistent caregivers they need to blossom and grow in our center. Our teachers love this age group and enjoy seeing children learn new skills and hit developmental milestones. We want families to feel like our center is a home away from home!


Teachers have the required trainings set forth by the MSDE Office of Childcare. Teachers also go above and beyond this requirement to include years of experience, certifications and continued trainings. We want our staff to develop close bonds with our infants to develop loving and trusting bonds. We work closely with families to ensure that each child is given exactly what they need.

Play Areas

Toddlers have a private outdoor area that includes push walkers, slides, teeter totter and other appropriate toys. Toddlers also have an indoor classroom that caters to gross motor skills, self feeding, free exploration, developing social interactions and using sensory experiences to promote growth across numerous areas. Our classroom features a separate diapering area with sink, food prep area and large play space.