Preschool Program

Our preschool program caters to children 4-5 years of age. Teachers are trained to work with children in this classroom through certifications, workshops, seminars and on-site professional trainings. Weekly lesson plans are posted to showcase the activities and skills that children are learning in the classroom. Teachers also work with families to promote social skills, early reading, appropriate cognitive skills and Kindergarten-prep skills. 

Our preschool program focuses heavily on Kindergarten preparation. Teachers help children develop early literacy skills, math and science skills, familiarity with classroom structure and routine and social interaction. Weekly lesson plans are posted to inform parents of the weekly theme and work the children will be completing. Children in this classroom learn subjects such as motor skills, art, math, science, social studies, language/reading and writing. Children are assessed upon enrollment to gauge their skill level and knowledge upon entering our program. Children are assessed additionally in January and May to document their progress and inform parents of knowledge and skills that have been attained. Teachers also provide plenty of observational and sensory experiences which facilitate immense growth and development for this age group. Teachers have numerous years of education and experience to give families the best overall experience. Our teacher for this program previously taught public school and at a Head Start facility. She brings years of experience and knowledge of the skills children should know to head to Kindergarten.


Brightwheel is a free app that can be downloaded on your cell phone or opened on your computer. Teachers input potty/diapering, nap times and meals. Parents and teachers can also message about the child’s day or ask any questions. In addition, Brightwheel allows teachers to post photos and notes. Parents can also choose to use Brightwheel billing which is a free service where parents can pay for childcare on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


Teachers have all of the training and certifications required by the MSDE OCC. In addition, many of our teachers have degrees in education or are enrolled in college to obtain their degree. Teachers also complete a minimum of 12 credits per year that pertain to their age group and child development. Teachers also create weekly lesson plans that focus on circle time, art, fine motor, math, science and small group activities.

Play Areas

Four-year-olds share an outdoor area that is equipped with climbers, slides, playhouse and other equipment that helps facilitate gross motor development. The indoor classroom focuses on circle time, centers and growing peer relationships. The indoor layout is designed to promote teacher-directed and child-directed activities. Children are exposed to centers that include library, blocks, housekeeping/dramatic play, table toys, writing/language and math/science. In addition, we also have a large indoor recreational hall where children can use hoops, balls, tumbling mats, balance beams and other gross motor activities when the weather is not appropriate.