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Teachers create challenging lesson plans for their classrooms. Lesson plans are posted weekly and combine STEAM activities to give your child the best experience. Classrooms are designed with teacher-directed and child-directed activities in mind. Classroom layout includes multiple centers, circle time activities and space for children to learn and grow.


Your child’s safety is our top priority. Teachers are trained in pick up procedures, First Aid, CPR and SIDS. Our building is locked throughout the day and has a keyed access panel which only allows entry to those with the correct passcode. We also do monthly fire drills and semiannual evacuation drills to ensure that children and staff can properly respond in an emergency.


Our staff bring a wide variety of experiences to LALC including college coursework, Bachelor’s degrees, decades combined experience, parenthood experience and child development courses. Our staff go above and beyond the minimum standards set in place by MSDE. Staff also take continued education courses annually online, at the center and at professional development sites.

Why Leaps Ahead Learning Center

You may be asking yourself, what makes Leaps Ahead Learning Center stand out among other daycares in the area? I’m glad you asked! We have prided ourselves on offering a different childcare practice and presenting ourselves differently. We are not in the business to watch your child for a profit. We are in the business to provide a safe, wonderful, educational place for you to leave your children where you know they are cared for, nurtured and educated. We provide a center with challenging lesson plans, qualified staff, secure walls and loving arms. We want to give your child a home away from home while also making your lives easier! We are flexible with our scheduling (based upon availability), provide breakfast and afternoon snack plus all beverages, and are available anytime for any questions or concerns!

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